Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I become a member of Connect the Docs?

Please contact or call Kathy Dawson directly at 760.487.0351 to learn more about CTD membership.

How do I access the call schedule?

The call schedule can be accessed through For log-in password, please contact or call Kathy Dawson directly at 760.487.0351. You can also download the AMION mobile app to access the schedule.

How do I request changes to the call schedule?

Changes to the call schedule can be requested by email only to

I have a question regarding physician stipends/bonuses.

Please contact Kathy Dawson for any inquiries regarding physician stipends/bonuses at 760.487.0351 or

How do I learn more about Connect the Docs Medical Management?

Visit our site at

I received a bill from Synergistic Systems, how do I pay it?

Call Synergistic Systems at 818-462-0990.