Why Join The Network?

Collaboration and Alignment

Align and collaborate with an elite network of multi-specialty physicians to improve patient care. Unlock your practice's full potential.

Quality Initiatives

The transition to value-based care shows no signs of slowing down. Become part of a network that is being rewarded for providing superior care.

Education and Training

Continue your growth and knowledge as a physician through CTD programs that promote collaboration and continuous learning.

Enhancing Physician and Hospital Alignment

Our network allows physicians and hospitals to strategically align to meet quality and value-based measures. We tackle the challenges and nuances that arise in our healthcare ecosystem. Collaboration and interdependence is how our network solves and implements beneficial changes in delivery.


Learn About the Benefits of Joining The Network

Physician members of Connect the Docs MSN have a multitude of opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness through member programs and discounts, including:

  • ED On-call coverage stipend
  • Quality performance bonus program
  • Employee training and development
  • HR management
  • CTD medical management services at member discount prices
  • Specialty Hospitalist Programs
  • Check Point Transition Clinic
  • Physician and Staff Networking Opportunities
  • And more…

Our network is entirely member owned.

Can I Join The Network?

You are eligible to apply to join the Connect the Docs Multi Specialty Network if you meet both of the following criteria:

  1. You are a primary care provider or specialist active in the North County San Diego medical community.
  2. You support the mission of Connect the Docs to provide the highest quality of patient care and protect the autonomy of independent physicians, while leveraging the economies of scale of a large medical group.